Chartreuse by Annie

all-natural + hand-poured + soy candles



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Our all-natural reed diffusers are compliant with volatile organic compound regulations–meaning they are not toxic to you or the air you breathe. Chartreuse diffusers are constructed from the same fragrance oils we use in our soy candles. They are packaged in vintage green 100% recycled glass bottles.

Available in the following fragrances_

Balsam + Cedar

Blackberry Sage

Black Currant Tea + Brown Sugar Fig

Blood Orange + Ginger

Lavender + Chamomile

Lilac + Honey

Mangosteen + Cedarwood Vanilla

Mint + Mango Tea

Oriental Pear


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Keep reed diffusers away from children and pets. Rattan reeds and diffuser oils are not edible. Do not consume. Be cautious of reed diffuser oil spilling or leaking on furniture or other stainable surfaces. Contact to certain finishes could also ruin them. Be cautious when using any kind of fragrance product in your home.

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