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Chanel’s Pink Tulip |

Chanel's Pink Tulip

Chanel’s Pink Tulip on IndyStyle

Chanel’s Pink Tulip |


Published : Wednesday, 03 Jul 2013, 12:00 PM EDT

Chanel Bostic, owner Chanel’s Pink Tulip, boutique on Mass Ave that specializes in Locally Hand-Crafted items.

Chanel’s Pink Tulip has everything from swimming suits, a shadow box, a mirror, a couple prints, some candles, a lamp, some pillows, a wreath or two, a couple T-shirts, some baby stuff, body products, some jewelry, a couple handbags, a couple scarves, and some hair accessories.  (Smiles) You get the idea.

Chanel’s Pink Tulip, 614 Massachusetts Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46204

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