Chartreuse by Annie

all-natural + hand-poured + soy candles

burning instructions.

Please never leave a burning chartreuse candle unattended. They should only be burned on heat-resistant surfaces. Keep all candles out of reach of children, pets, drapes, blankets, etc. As your candle burns, try to make sure you wick stays centered in your candle to prevent jar cracking. Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4 – 1/8 inch before each burn to prevent smoking and carbon mushrooming.

When you light your chartreuse candle for the first time, please burn it for 2 hours for each 5 cm of diameter, to allow the formation of a large melt pool, which will release more scent. This initial burning period also will help to better hold the candle’s shape, and prevent tunneling around the wick.  If you burn your candle too frequently, for short periods of time,  it will burn down the center, wasting the wax that sticks to the sides of the jar.

Do not allow the flame to touch the sides of the glass jar. The jar may become too hot and could burst.

It is important to regularly monitor the burning of your candle. Extinguish flame and let cool after approximately 3 hours of burning.




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